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Incredible Impacts Grant - 17 June 2024

Incredible Impacts Seed Fund Grant - 15 July 2024



These finalists advanced to the anticipated Incredible Impacts session, scheduled for 14 November 2023 at the ICCA Congress in Bangkok, where they presented their submissions. Delegates from ICCA voted for the most impactful project. 

The results were tallied, and in tandem with the judgement of the expert panel, the winner was announced during the closing session of the ICCA Congress on 15 November 2023. 

Incredible Impacts Award 2023 Winner

Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW)

ACWW Women’s Empowerment Summit, Khovd, Mongolia 2023

ACWW’s Women’s Empowerment Summit programme reached an inspiring milestone by extending its reach to Khovd Province, Mongolia. The groundbreaking initiative brought together more than 300 women survivors of domestic violence from nomadic communities, reflecting their aim to empower rural women who often go unheard in legislation, promoting community transformation. ACWW's dedication to driving positive change through their association meetings is truly commendable.

Incredible Impacts Award 2023 Finalists

British Society Of Soil Science

Environmental Education: Leaving a long-lasting impact, locally and globally 2022

The 22nd World Congress of Soil Science, hosted in Glasgow, UK, in 2022, raised the bar for environmental responsibility at international scientific congresses. The British Society of Soil Science engaged local residents in soil education and conducted the first-ever environmental impact assessment of such an event. These outstanding achievements set a new standard for sustainable practices within the scientific community.

Velo-city 2023 Leipzig - Boosting the development of active mobility in the host city and beyond

The annual Velo-city conference was held in Leipzig, Germany in 2023 with the goal of catalysing active mobility at the local level while also extending its impact nationally and globally. The global cycling community convenes at this conference to elevate cycling's position on the political agenda, resulting in positive environmental and health benefits. Working for more and better cycling for all, ECF has been dedicated to creating a more sustainable and liveable future for over 40 years.  


BestCities and ICCA are thrilled to announce the recipient of the $5,000 USD Seed Fund Grant. 

IPVS, the global authority on papillomaviruses, showcased an extraordinary commitment to advancing the impact of their association meetings. Their dedication and vision in contributing to the elimination of papillomavirus-related diseases, particularly cervical cancer, have earned them the coveted Seed Grant. It will empower them to further their legacy program, making an even greater and lasting contribution to the global community.