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Incredible Impacts Grant - 17 June 2024

Incredible Impacts Seed Fund Grant - 15 July 2024



International Water Resources Association (IWRA) 

Our most precious resource – water - is under threat and growing pressure from everywhere and anywhere around the world.  IWRA’s innovative World Water Envoys Programme sought out five global ambassadors to represent their local communities operating on the front line of water security issues.  From sanitation and homebuilding in the Dominican Republic to the safe access to surface and groundwater in New Delhi and Nepal.  From water access rights in Zimbabwe to agrochemical pollution on The West Bank… five bold youth voices came to the fore.  Five individuals stepping up and sharing their stories during a major international water event - IWRA's World Water Congress - and detailing their remarkable efforts to find adequate responses to these local challenges on a global stage.

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The International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

How do you bring the mystery and the intricacies of the human brain to life? And in doing so, remind people that good brain health equates to good health in general? You plan a series of interactive city-wide events bringing together experts, artists, students, and the general public. Glasgow went ‘brain mad’ across May and June when schools and the public discovered what makes the grey matter tick. Kids were encouraged to build brains – "ït’s like a marshmallow”- delegates were encouraged to explore brain installations, and Glaswegians empowered to become advocates for brain health and lead healthier, smarter lives.

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The Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic - where 10% of the population is a registered footballer – and the perfect place to host an event showcasing the many benefits of playing soccer. Experts from all aspects of sports medicine, nutrition, and training delivered a compelling programme detailing how football can be used to enhance and enrich the lives of people everywhere. This is the world game as societal gamechanger; shaping physical and mental responses to recovery, ill-health, and well-being by using football as a way for us all to live happier and healthier lives.

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