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Incredible Impacts Grant - 17 June 2024

Incredible Impacts Seed Fund Grant - 15 July 2024



The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

The ISPCAN Caribbean Congress in Jamaica focused on prioritising the input of young people from within the region, as well as that of abuse survivors from the Caribbean.

Key among the impacts on the Caribbean conferences, were the acknowledgement that Caribbean youth face particularly distressing situations unique to the region. The IPSCAN Youth Congress sought to involve young people in the process of driving social and governmental change, prioritising this as a key facet in the congress’ legacy outcome.

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International Aids Society

The IAS’ is committed to ensuring scholarships are accessible to participants from resource-limited settings. Each year see junior investigators, young people, key and vulnerable populations, activists, healthcare workers, civil society representatives and media among their scholarship award priorities. 

In prioritising these groups, the IAS creates pathways for the direct dissemination of scientific knowledge and best practice from its conferences to local programmes and individuals in communities where it can be actively, effectively and impactfully implemented.

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European Lung Foundation in conjunction with European Respiratory Society

Healthy Lungs for Life (HLfL) is a global awareness-raising campaign, established by the European Lung Foundation and European Respiratory Society in 2014, prioritising the importance of respiratory health. The campaign runs each year, and is launched during the ERS International Congress at a host European city.

A series of engaging activities, including air quality monitoring, distribution of “clean air route” maps, bike challenges and mass exercise classes are designed to encourage public engagement in the host city. Patients and patient groups are targeted with a variety of events – from lung testing to information evenings, and healthcare professional training events.

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