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Incredible Impacts Grant - 17 June 2024

Incredible Impacts Seed Fund Grant - 15 July 2024



Soroptimist International

The Soroptimist International (SI) won the Incredible Impacts Award with their legacy programme for the 2019 Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The objectives they were seeking to achieve were
  • access to clean water and sanitation,
  • quality education, and 
  • food security
for women and girls. SI held a session during the convention to raise the issue and addressed it for two communities in Malaysia in the post-convention legacy project.

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BCIT Center for Ecocities Winning Legacy Programme

The Ecocity Builders partnered with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) School of Construction and Environment in Vancouver, Canada, to host the Ecocity World Summit 2019. The partnership, that goes back a decade, resulted in the creation of the first Centre for Ecocities at BCIT that provides coaching, diagnostic tools, and scientific evidence to support the City of Vancouver and other local governments’ efforts aimed at closing their sustainability gap.

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ISME, together with their LOC and Leipzig community support, organised the “Night of the Microbes” - an education event that brought the “hottest” science concepts and research results to the public in a casual atmosphere along with music, German beer and a nice time together.  

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